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Operations Research Applications in Health Care Management
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Operations Research Applications in Health Care Management
von: Cengiz Kahraman, Y. Ilker Topcu
Springer-Verlag, 2017
ISBN: 9783319654553
596 Seiten, Download: 10259 KB
Format:  PDF
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This book offers a comprehensive reference guide to operations research theory and applications in health care systems. It provides readers with all the necessary tools for solving health care problems. The respective chapters, written by prominent researchers, explain a wealth of both basic and advanced concepts of operations research for the management of operating rooms, intensive care units, supply chain, emergency medical service, human resources, lean health care, and procurement. To foster a better understanding, the chapters include relevant examples or case studies. Taken together, they form an excellent reference guide for researchers, lecturers and postgraduate students pursuing research on health care management problems. The book presents a dynamic snapshot on the field that is expected to stimulate new directions and stimulate new ideas and developments.

Prof. Kahraman is a full professor at Istanbul Technical University. His research areas are engineering economics, quality management, statistical decision making, multicriteria decision making, and fuzzy decision making. He published more than 200 journal papers, about 150 conference papers, and 80 book chapters. He guest-edited some issues of many international journals. He is the editor of many international books from Springer and Atlantis Press. He is the member of editorial boards of 20 international journals. He was the vice dean of ITU Management Faculty between 2004-2007 and the head of ITU Industrial Engineering Department between 2010-2013.

Y. Ilker Topcu is a Professor of Decision Sciences at Industrial Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Management Faculty. He completed his Ph.D. studies in Engineering Management (2000) at ITU and visited Leeds University Business School during these studies (1998-1999). Professor Topcu's research interests include multiple criteria decision making, decision analysis, operations research/management science. He is executive committee member of International Society of Multiple Criteria Decision Making. He has published in several journals.

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